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Kyocera's iTag comes standard with multiple components that assist in the Document Management process. Some of these components include OCR capability, Index fields, a Validation Station for scanned files, and Microsoft Windows® SharePoint Services. Each of these components is a part of the big picture - allowing you to start document management within your company immediately.
 Kyocera MFP
 When utilizing select Kyocera MFP's, iTag will integrate with the Send/Scan functions designed to improve your workflow. iTag allows you to walk up to the MFP and select the desired workflow and index fields for the document you need to store.

Setting up iTag workflows and index fields is accomplished with an easy to navigate Setup Wizard at the time of installation. Once a workflow and index fields have been created for a document type this defined workflow will be accessible directly at the MFP control panel.

 Searching for scanned documents can be a difficult task in any environment. With iTag and the key indexing options that are available you can select up to five (5) index fields* for each scanned document. That means you can "tag" a scanned file with the information your business requires and search for it later within the Document Library.

*Up to 5 index fields can be custom selected at the time of setup.

 Image Validation Station
 Have you ever scanned a document and when you get back to your PC you realize you didn't need all of the pages, or they are in the wrong order? With the iTag Validation Station you have the ability to change your scanned file on demand using an innovative Touch Screen Interface. This reduces errors and mistakes and improves the overall productivity of your business.

The Validation Station can be configured next to the MFP you are scanning from, or at another designated location within your company. Scan the document from the MFP and then use the iTag Validation Station to re-order, or delete unwanted pages before sending the document to Sharepoint Services.

 Image Enhancement
 The Image Enhancement Component of iTag allows you to adjust the image quality of a document. The system will automatically despeckle (remove unwanted marks on the page) and deskew (straighten a skewed document) documents as they are scanned. This means that you spend less time rescanning files reducing errors and improving productivity. 
 Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
 iTag's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) component, powered by ABBYY FineReader, will read the content of the document image as it is being scanned and automatically convert it to a searchable PDF file. Now even if you don't select index fields you can still search documents that have been scanned as searchable PDF's.
 Do you ever need to mark scanned files as "Confidential" or "Do Not Copy?" iTag's Watermark feature allows you to do just that. This feature provides an added level of security to your important documents by becoming a permanent part of the scanned image ensuring a safeguard for business confidentiality.
 The Store Component of iTag is the key to the Document Management Solution. Effectively managing electronic documents is a challenge for most companies. iTag offers you multiple ways for managing your electronic documents, designed to fit any business needs.
 Microsoft Windows® SharePoint Services
 In order to give you the complete solution in a simple and efficient way Kyocera offers you Microsoft Windows® SharePoint Services. Built on Microsoft technology, SharePoint Services gives you the ability to create custom web-based Document Libraries for easy document sharing and collaboration.
 SharePoint Services will accept documents scanned via a Kyocera MFP in conjunction with iTag and store them in the selected document library. These document libraries will be accessible on the touch panel of the MFP for you to select from at the time of scanning improving your business performance and office workflow. Once a document is scanned to SharePoint Services all of the index fields "tagged" when scanned will be applied to the document. In addition, SharePoint Services allows you to have document management capabilities from a web browser.
 Scanned and "tagged" documents have been stored in a customized Document Library for easy sharing and collaboration with others in your organization.
 Additional features of Microsoft Windows® SharePoint Services include:
  Document Check in/Check out
  Versioning Control
  Direct integration with Microsoft Office 2003 for easy editing
  Powerful search capabilities
  Document profiles
 Send to Folder
 Do you have a folder on a local or network drive that everyone scans files to? In most cases these folders are under managed and over utilized. The Send to Folder component of iTag creates business "rules" for multiple folder locations and file naming conventions for your scanned files. With Kyocera's iTag solution, you can even Send to Folder while simultaneously sending files to SharePoint Services. One simple step and your scanned files are now saved in multiple locations.
 Send to Printer
 Send to Printer allows you to route images to printers that are located anywhere on the network using the iTag Print Driver. This innovative feature allows companies to distribute and print documents whenever business requires.
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